UX-design for web/mobile apps 

We make things seem as simple as possible.

No matter how cool the idea or genius the code behind the app, it will all fall apart without an awesome, transparent user experience.

That's why we exist; Minimizing confusion, eliminating extra taps and make sure the usage loop is so easy that even Space Chimp Charlie could use it without his all-seeing cybernetic eye.

Need a complete app?

Our partner network consist of ninja-level mobile and web developers, who really know their stuff. Just give us a description of what you want and we'll handle the rest.

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When we are not making apps, we work on games, and on free time we play games so for us it's natural to see the benefits that gamification can bring.

We believe a simple app is not enough to keep the user engaged. That's why we aim to streamline the user experience with game design. Achievements, high scores, challenges, quests, reward systems, and AR elements can seriously boost retention.

We feel video games are an untapped source of brilliant UX design. Games are often very complex systems, but at the same time they are built to be enjoyed, to boost user retention and for the user interface to be as unobstrusive as possible. We want to bring the best elements of good game design to mobile apps, as both share common goals. We want to bring usability, retention and a sense of purpose into any app we work on.

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